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Infoboxes and user style

Users can have user CSS that hides any infoboxes in their own browsers.

To hide all infoboxes, add the following to Special:MyPage/common.css (for all skins, or Special:MyPage/skin.css for just the current skin), on a line by itself: <source lang="css">.infobox { display: none; }</source>

Alternatively, you can add the following code to your common.js or into a browser user script that is executed by an extension like Greasemonkey:

<source lang="js">$('.infobox').hide();</source>

Be aware that although, per WP:Manual of Style/Infoboxes, all information in an infobox should also be found in the main body of an article, there isn't perfect compliance with this guideline. For example, the full taxonomic hierarchy in {{Taxobox}}, and the OMIM and other medical database codes of {{Infobox disease}} are often not found in the main article content. The infobox is also often the location of the most significant, even only, image in an article. {{#invoke:documentation|main|_content={{ {{#invoke:documentation|contentTitle}}}}}}