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Szablon:Documentation subpage

Dodane 1667 bajtów, 11:37, 18 lip 2014
Added 1.0em margin so template looks less a part of subsequent content and amended code layout -- hope neither of these too controversial
-->{{#ifeq:{{lc:{{SUBPAGENAME}}}} |{{{override|doc}}}
| <!--(this template has been transcluded on a /doc or /{{{override}}} page)-->

-->{{#ifeq:{{{doc-notice|show}}} |show
| {{Mbox
| type = notice
| style = margin-bottom:1.0em;
| image = [[File:Edit-copy green.svg|40px|alt=|link=]]
| text =
'''This is a [[Wikipedia:Template documentation|documentation]] [[Wikipedia:Subpages|subpage]] for {{{1|[[:{{SUBJECTSPACE}}:{{BASEPAGENAME}}]]}}}'''.<br />It contains usage information, [[Wikipedia:Categorization|categories]] and other content that is not part of the original {{#if:{{{text2|}}} |{{{text2}}} |{{#if:{{{text1|}}} |{{{text1}}} |{{#ifeq:{{SUBJECTSPACE}} |{{ns:User}} |{{lc:{{SUBJECTSPACE}}}} template page |{{#if:{{SUBJECTSPACE}} |{{lc:{{SUBJECTSPACE}}}} page|article}}}}}}}}.


-->{{#if:{{{inhibit|}}} |<!--(don't categorize)-->
| <includeonly><!--
| [[Category:{{#switch:{{SUBJECTSPACE}} |Template=Template |Module=Module |User=User |#default=Wikipedia}} documentation pages]]
| [[Category:Documentation subpages without corresponding pages]]

(completing initial #ifeq: at start of template:)
| <!--(this template has not been transcluded on a /doc or /{{{override}}} page)-->
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